Threading is a form of hair removal using twisted cotton thread to pull hair from the follicle. It is perfect for those who use prescription skin care, have sensitive skin or have allergies to wax.

Eyebrow Threading: $25

Lip Threading: $10

Chin Threading:  $12

Lip and Chin Threading: $22

Full Face Threading including eyebrows: $50



Bikini Wax: $35

Extended Bikini Wax: $45

Brazilian Wax: $55

Underarm Wax: $22

Chest/Back Wax: $45

Half Arm Wax: $30

Full Arm Wax: $50

Half Leg Wax: $40

Full Leg Wax: $75

Brow Wax: $25

Lip Wax: $10

Chin Wax: $12

Lip and Chin Wax: $22

Full Face Wax: $50